Why Mobil Krankenkasse?

We are offering you some selected information in English so you can get a first impression of the Mobil Krankenkasse. Should you have any questions about our benefits or services, our employees are happy to assist you.

Service phone number: 0800 255 0800 (free of charge)

Email: info@service.mobil-krankenkasse.de

Our current premium rate: 15.89%

We make it easy to change health insurance companies

Answers to the most important questions about switching and becoming a member of the Mobil Krankenkasse.

It's easy: you become a member and will benefit at all times from a shortened commitment period and, under certain conditions, be able to switch immediately. What's more, terminating your existing health insurance contract will be replaced by a notification from your new health insurance by means of electronic reporting procedures.

Provided that up until now, you are covered by statutory health insurance.

Health insurances generally have a commitment period of 12 months.

In this case, the commitment period is not applicable and you can switch to us within 14 days.

There's no commitment period and you'll be able to switch to us within 3 months.

We will take care of it for you and notify your previous health insurer about the change.

Exception: You have been privately insured before.

Please inform your employer in a timely mannerthat you've changed your health insurer – just send them an informal notification.

A membership certificate is generally no longer required.

Are there more questions?

Do you have any other questions about the new legislation giving you the freedom to choose your health insurance, about the period of notice, commitment period, or do you want to know how you can change your health insurer?

We are happy to advise you. You have the option to call us free of charge: 0800 255 3002-840

Are you already well informed and ready to switch to the Mobil Krankenkasse now? If so, you can use our Join Onlineform and become a member.

For the whole family

Do you have a family? You can co-insure your loved ones for free.

The most important prerequisite:

  • your family members don't have their own health insurance
  • their principal place of residence is in Germany

Your children's age and profession are important. A free insurance plan is possible...

  • up to the age of 17
  • up to the age of 22, provided you are not employed
  • up to the age of 24, provided you still attend school or do an apprenticeship (e.g. study) or spend a voluntary social or ecological year without pay

You can easily apply for the family insurance via our Join Online. We will send you a family questionnaire (in German). If you have questions about it, give us a call: 0800 255 0800

Did we convince you? Then you can switch right now – you can do it online.

Online membership application for the Mobil Krankenkasse in English

We support you in your sustainable lifestyle.

You want to switch to the Mobil Krankenkasse.

Fill out the online application.

Done – we'll take care of the rest for you.